The Kito Foundation

The Kito Foundation was created to support educating the world to the dangers of SSRI antidepressants, atypical antipsychotic medications and all serotonergic drugs, plus any unknown dangers of all prescription medications. This is by far the greatest threat today against life as we know it.
Click here to see the devastation worldwide being caused by these drugs as documented in the news.
You can help us stop this ongoing nightmare. Please make a donation to The Kito Foundation. It is vital that we receive your assistance today! We help educate society about the dangers of this worldwide threat of addictive and dangerous prescription drugs. We also provide emotional support as patients work to rebuild their lives. We help families and patients understand what has happened and put their lives back together again after these drug-induced nightmares. We are also working to educate professionals who should be aware of these dangers – medical professionals, law enforcement, attorneys, spiritual leaders, educators, parents, and family members dealing with these nightmares within the walls of their own homes, etc. We work to educate about safe and natural alternative treatments to rebuild lives after the damage done to the body and brain by these drugs.